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Advantages of UPVC Doors & Windows ::

UPVC offers a variety of style & design, thus giving a posh look for the building.

UPVC is cost effective and economical.

UPVC is weather resistant, be it wind, or fire or water or snow. They don’t rot, corrode or warp for many years. It can bear temperature up to 60 degree Celsius and gives maximum water tightness leading to no leakage.

UPVC is fire retardant. In case of any fire accident, it will not induce the fire and it plays the role of an anti-combustion agent. For example, if a wooden frame exists (in lieu of a UPVC frame) during a fire accident, it will further increase the intensity thus increasing the damage. But, UPVC frame would act in the opposite way leading to reduction in damages in case of any fire accident.

UPVC are maintenance free and does not require any regular painting or maintenance. They are also fully resistant to termites which are found in tropical countries like India.

And finally, UPVC is environmental friendly. They are produced with calcium-zinc (instead of lead used in PVC). They can be fully recycled and reproduced again thus saving our earth from solid non-bio degradable waste. Also, wherever, UPVC are used, the consumption of wood is saved to that extent thus conserving forest.

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