Welding and Corner Cleaning

Welding and Corner Cleaning Machine

Capacity: 125 windows / 8 hours (250 frames / 8 hours) per machine

The systematic of the four machines in one production unit that provides maximum cost efficienty and highest quality to our customers.

The ease of the process begins from the very beginning, in the loading of the PVC window profile to the welding machine and cocludes by the automatic unloading of the profile from the cleaning machine. At least two workers are economized as a result of the combination.

Another consequence of the systematic combination is to provide the most efficient production plan to our customers ; ascending from exceedingly determined production time accuracy.

Portable Screwing Unit

Portable Screwing Unit

Easy way of screwing reinforcement profiles to UPVC window and door profiles.

The screws are taken automatically from the feeding bowl and tightened during screwing operation only by pulling the trigger.

Reduction of the tightening cyle times up to 40%.

Compact air motor with up to 5.1 Nm torque power.

Drills and screws up to 2mm thick reinfocement profiles with an appropriate screw.

3/9 Screws up to 25mm long are sent automaticaly from the feeding unit.

3/9 Screws up to 35mm long can be placed manually to chamber by means of the funnel piece.

Fully Automatic Machining Center

Automatic Reinforcement Profile Screwing Included

In Fully Automatic Machining Center includes ; automatic reinforcement profiles screwing , routing, milling and all drilling-marking operations for PVC windows and doors manufacturing.All those processes are gathered together in one machine and controlled by SIEMENS computer and an optimization program.

Data transfer is done directly by the computer or by labeling the profiles.

Automatically clamping the profiles horizontally and vertically and loading to the PVC Machining Center.

Enable to load 25 pieces of previously cut profiles on the automatic band.

Tripple drilling and copy routing, automatically reinforcement profile screwing.