Quality Policy

          we are committed to supply the required quality product to our customers at competitive cost within the agreed period and also committed to continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

Product Approvals and Test Reports

Profile Test Reports
Test Result Test Method
Flamability Vo As per guidelines of UL-94
Heat Ageing and Excedation (at 150 C for 30Mins) No Change As per guidelines of UL-94
Density (gm / ml at 27oC 1.44 As per guidelines of ASTM D 792
Hardness, Shore D 80 As per guidelines of ASTM D 2240
Tensile Strength (N / mm2) 41.96 As per guidelines of ASTM D 638
Water Apsorption (%) 0.03 As per guidelines of ASTM D 570
Charpy Impact Strength (At 15 J Hammer) No Break (Before Ageing)
No Break (After Ageing in Xenon Arc Weather-o-Meter)
As per guidelines of ASTM D 256
Elongation at Break (%) 215 As per guidelines of ASTM D 638

Test Reports on Sound Transmission Loss Reverberation Chamber Test

Window Type Average STL (DB)
Slider (Single Glaze, 4mm glass) 27.73
Slider (Double Glaze, 4mm + 8mm + 4mm) 31.8
Casement Fixed (Single Glaze: 4mm glass) 28.6
Casement Open able (Single Glaze: 4mm glass) 27.5
Casement Open able (Double Glaze, 4mm + 15mm + 4mm) 33.5
Casement Fixed (Double Glaze, 4mm + 15mm + 5mm) 35.5
Casement Fixed (Double Glaze, Laminated: 4mm + 15mm + 5mm) 36.08

Test Result
Ignitability Evaluation Test ( Frame ) "P" Not Easily Ignitable
Surface Spread of Flame Test ( Frame ) Spread of flame: NIL
(at termination per 10 min)
Salt spray test  ( Hardwares )** No sign of blisters / staining / corrosion
Salt spray test (Reinforcement)** No sign of rust

Testing & Quality Certificate

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Why Pavan UPVC ?

Why Pavan UPVC ? We understand the requirements of our customers, analyse and provide the best solution.

Why Pavan UPVC ? We always take a step extra for our customers, towards supplying quality materials on time.

Why Pavan UPVC ? We suggest our customers with more updated product versions everytime.

Eco Friendly
Lead free environmental friendly.

Eco Friendly

UPVC doors and windows are lead free, environmental friendly, cost effective, low maintenance with extreme durability. These products are ready to use and available in various sizes and dimensions.