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58mm Casement Window System

58mm Casement Window System

Exquisite Shape : The slop design on the surface presents the profile much slimmer, which enriches the aesthetic vision effect of the architecture.

Outstanding thermal insulation : The feature of the tightness is designed according according the weather of Asia, which effectively insulate the indoor temperature.

Scientific Structure Design : The unique design of Z-style transom can realize the ideal joint no matter welding or mechanism coupling

Easy Operation and Durability : It has outward / inward opening, tilt and inward opening, tilt and outward opening, which satisfies the customer's requirements and saves cost.

Simplified Assembly : The scientific design realizes the application and convenient exchange with different hardware. The coextruded glazing bead joints with glass close and is able to change the glass with different thickness.

80 / 88 Sliding System

80 / 88 Sliding System

Scientific Structure : This system not only has the coextruded gasket, but also keeps the safety groove of gasket. It can use the single or insulating double glass with different thickness, which simplifies the processing and raises the seal capability.

Solidity & Durability : The wind resistance is guaranteed by the maximum reinforcement chamber design with the consideration of thermal insulation etc.

Economy & Practicality : 3 kinds of frame profile also can be used as transom.

More Choices : There are sliding indoor screen sash on frame track and sliding outdoor sash on the single track.

Completed Design: It has the designs of 2 tracks and 3 tracks.

58mm Tilt & Turn System

58mm Tilt & Turn System

3 - Chamber thermal insulation design - The design chambers enhances the heat and sound insulation of the profile.

Firmness & Durability : the visible side wall thickness is 3mm and it has high strength of welding corner and impact resistance.

Outstanding guard against theft : The lock is fixed on the reinforcement by screw directly, which raises the safety of the windows against theft.

Excellent Seal : Join measure is 8mm, guaranteeing the seal of the door. The design of sloped rebate or inside chamber makes the drainage smoother.

Scientific Design of drainage : The drainage chamber is designed in the outward side, independent to other function chambers, which avoids the water leakage among the chambers. The horizon height of the bottom of the drainage chamber is 24mm, which effectively avoids the plug by plaster in the construction.